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Recent U6 - 2013G Black News

Sunday, November 3rd from 5-8 p.m.

2001 - 2013 Boys & Girls

PUMA Cup - Champions

By Staff 08/26/2019, 9:45am CDT

2011B Black, 2009B Black, 2008B Black, 2007B Black & 2006B Black

Fantastic first weekend of soccer for the 2011B Black, 2009B Black, 2008B Black, 2007B Black & 2006B Black teams! They all participated in the 2019 PUMA Cup tournament this past weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

The 2011B Black team went 1-1-1 on the weekend playing up in the 2010 boys age group! In their first game of the season & first time playing 7v7, they lost against Cleveland Force 2010B (OHN). The team quickly adjusted to the bigger field and having more players on the field to get two quality results in their last 2 games. They beat FW United 2010B Arsenal (IN) 3-2 and tied FW United 2010B Barca (IN) 3-3. 

The 2009B Black team went 2-0-1 on the weekend. In their first game of the new season & first time playing 9v9, the boys lost to Butler United 09B (OS). The boys adjusted quickly to their new teammates and won their last 2 games of the tournament beating FC Pride 09B White (IN) 4-0 and Wapakoneta 09B White (OS) 6-1. 

The 2008B Black team went 3-1-0 on the weekend. The boys finished tied for first place and played some great soccer all weekend! They beat Warsaw Travel 08B Blast (IN) 6-0, Rangers 08B Academy (IN) 5-2 & FW United FC 08B Orange (IN) 5-1 and then tied Delaware County 08B White (IN) 2-2. 

The 2007B Black team went 3-0-0 on the weekend and claiming the championship trophy! They beat Magic SC 07B Green (IN) 5-0 and Butler United 07B White (OS) 7-1 in their group games to put them in the championship game. In the finals, they beat FW United 07B Academy (IN) 1-0 to claim their first tournament championship as a team! 

The 2006B Black team went 3-0-0 on the weekend and claimed the championship trophy for their age group! The boys beat Cleveland Force 06B (OHN) 4-0 and Rangers 06B Academy (IN) 3-2 in their group games to put them in the championship game. In the finals, the boys beat Butler United 06B (OS) 6-0 to win the tournament!

Overall, all our teams played some fantastic soccer this weekend and represented their team & club in a positive way! Keep up the good work boys!


Go Millennium!!!


Winter Indoor Training

The training schedule for Winter 2018 will be posted on the "Calendar" before December 8th, 2017. Training will start around the first week of January.

Spring 2018 Season Commitment

It is very important that you leave all your weekends open starting March 1st all the way until June 30th. We will be playing all our league games and tournaments during that time. 

Due to the limited dates for play in the league, the needs of all the teams and our desire to attend certain tournaments, the coordination of schedules is a difficult process. It is nearly impossible to avoid conflicts with all school breaks, events, dances, spring break & prom.

All players are expected to make sacrifices when needed to meet the commitments of their team. All players are expected to be at all the league games or tournaments that are scheduled for the spring season and honor their commitment to their team and the club.

If you are going on Spring Break, leave your weekends open so you can attend the league games/tournaments we are playing in.

Below you will find a tentative schedule for the spring 2018 season.