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Training Gear Colors

Wear Sky Blue Jersey, Black Shorts, Black Socks


Uniform Colors for Games


All players must bring the following items to every game: Black, White & Sky Blue Game Jerseys, Black & White Game Shorts, Black & White Game Socks.

Club Sponsored Events & Information

2021-2022 Events

Event Name Location Dates
USYS National League MWC Premier 1 TBA March 1st thru June 30th
Indiana State Cup Westfield, Indiana May 20th-22nd, 2022
Indiana State Cup Finals (Must Qualify) Westfield, Indiana June 3rd-5th, 2022
US Club National Cup XXI Midwest Regionals Waukegan, Illinois

Schedules & Field Maps

Hotel Booking


Team Accomplishments

Year Event Name Achievement
2021 US Club National Cup XX Midwest Regionals 1st Place
2021 Indiana State Cup 3rd Place
2021 Region Cup College Showcase 1st Place
2021 USYS National League Showcase 1st Place
2021 Circle City College Showcase 1st Place
2020 Millennium SA Turf Classic 1st Place
2020 Region Cup College Showcase 1st Place
2019 Millennium SA Turf Classic 1st Place
2019 US Club Nationals 3rd Place
2019 US Club Regionals 1st Place
2019 Indiana State Cup 3rd Place
2019 Blue Chip College Showcase 3rd Place
2019 Nike Academy College Showcase 1st Place
2018 Bethesda Premier Cup 1st Place
2018 Region Cup College Showcase 2nd Place
2018 Desert Classic 2nd Place
2017 IP Halloween Classic 1st Place
2017 PUMA Cup 1st Place
2017 USYS MRL 1st Division 1st Place
2017 Midwest Turf Challenge 1st Place
2017 Desert Classic 1st Place
2016 Pike Fest 1st Place
2016 Westside United Invitational 1st Place