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1st Annual Millennium SA Alumni Game

01/03/2018, 8:45am CST
By Staff

Our 1st Annual Millennium SA alumni game was a success! It was great seeing all the guys that helped shape our club into the premier soccer club in Northwest Indiana and one of the best in Indiana! There were players from the following teams:

93B Black

  • Cody Barnes
  • Scott Erwin
  • Eric Frasco
  • Alex Hathoot
  • Anthony Ratajec
  • Patrick Reineke
  • Daniel Relinski
  • Andrew Ritchie
  • Brendan Swindle
  • Kyle Uzubell
  • Brian Zimmer

94B Black

  • David Schell

96B Black

  • Daniel Adair
  • Spase Dorsuleski
  • Stojan Krsteski
  • Carmelo Morales

97B Black

  • Steven Djuric
  • Scott Garcia
  • Nikola Kajmakoski

Thank you to everybody that attend the event! We plan on holding an alumni event every year from now on. 


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