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Indiana Soccer Imperatives for Training & Games

By Staff, 07/06/20, 1:45PM CDT


Effective Immediately

Indiana Soccer Imperatives for Training & Games

One of Indiana Soccer’s goals is to assist member clubs in their effort to provide a safe environment for the players and their families to enjoy our game. The residents of the state of Indiana have done a tremendous job of following the directives of our state and local government and our state and local health departments to allow us to move through the stages of return to what will be considered normal. All have been emphasizing that we are not done and not out of the woods. The Indiana Soccer family is committed to demonstrating excellence in the mitigation fight against Covid-19. Below is a list of imperative minimums expected until such time as the social distancing requirements are lifted by local and state governments.



• Players are required to wear masks (bandanas are acceptable) when going to the field.

• Players should have a clearly marked side-line space, designated for them to place their personal equipment in compliance with the 6’ minimum social distancing protocol.

• Players may remove their masks when training/warm-ups and when the games begin.

• Players are not to share drink containers, even from their own family.

• During games, reserves on the bench should be a minimum of 6’ apart. If they are a minimum of 6’ apart, they do not have to wear their mask. If they are closer, they are required to wear their mask.

• Players are to keep socially distanced apart when gathering to listen to a coach.

• There should be no physical contact between players, coaches or referees pre- or post-game.

• When leaving the training/game, players are required to wear their mask.

• Players for training: arrive at the field 5 minutes before training is to begin.

• Players for games: arrive at the field 25 minutes before game is to begin.



• Ask all individuals who are 65 and above or who have an underlying at-risk health condition to stay home.

• Spectators are required to wear masks (bandanas are acceptable) when making their way to the designated side-line space for spectator seating. The club will have clearly marked areas that comply with social distancing protocols for spectator seating.

• Only family members living in the same home should be sitting closer than required by the social distancing protocol when attending games.

• Any type of bleacher/bench should be closed off for use unless they can be cleaned after each use.

• Spectators are not required to wear their masks when sitting in their designated viewing area as long as they are sitting a minimum of 6’ from another household.

• When a spectator moves from their designated seating area, they are required to wear their mask.

• If spectators are interacting with other spectators (other families) at the field/complex, they are required to wear their mask and maintain the minimum social distance, 6’ apart.

• Spectators for training and games: arrive at the field 5 minutes before the training or game is to begin.



If we find a team/club is not in compliance with these imperatives, we will do the following but not limited to:

  • Communicate directly with the club and team(s) to identify why the imperatives were not implemented. They will be told this isn't a choice if they wish to participate in an Indiana Soccer activity.
  • If there is a second issue with implementation of the imperatives, the team and/or club will not be able to participate in a sanctioned activity (training, games, etc...) until they have shown they have a plan to implement change and are implementing the plan.
  • If there is a third issue, the team and/or club may loose the privilege of hosting games. 
  • If there is a fourth issue, the team and/or club may not be allowed to continue to participate in an Indiana Soccer sanctioned activity for the remainder of the season. 
  • During ISL games, if the imperatives are not implemented by a team or teams, the game may be recorded as a forfeit, points deducted from the team and the forfeit fee of $300 assessed to the team(s).