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Return to Play Protocol

By Staff, 05/31/20, 9:45AM CDT


June 1st - June 15th

Return to Play Protocols – June 1st thru June 15th


Protocol for Arriving & Departing from Training – Crown Point Sportsplex

  • Players
    • Arrive in the parking lot of the complex.
    • Wait until 5 minutes prior to your training start time to exit your vehicle!
    • Before exiting your vehicle, put your mask on and apply hand sanitizer to your hands.
    • Take your bag (soccer ball must be in your bag) and continue to walk into the gated soccer complex.
    • Locate a FENCE POLE around Turf B that is not occupied (each player will have their own designated area to place their belongings to maintain social distancing).
      • Place your bag on the ground.
      • Take your mask off and put it in your bag.
      • Take your soccer ball out and keep it on the ground.
      • Players must wait at their designated area until a coach directs them to their training box.
    • When training is completed:
      • Take your soccer ball to your bag using your feet.
      • Put your soccer ball in your bag.
      • Apply hand sanitizer to your hands.
      • Put your mask on.
    • All players must proceed to leave the complex immediately and head to their car while practicing social distancing!
    • At this time, we cannot have players come early or stay after to shoot on the goals or socialize. You must leave the complex immediately!
  • Parents
    • During this first phase, we are asking that you stay in the PARKING LOT and do not enter the complex.
    • Please practice social distancing!



  • Any player, coach, parent or spectator who is sick, has a persistent cough, is running a temperature or is displaying any symptoms suggesting that the individual may be sick or ill, DO NOT ATTEND TRAINING!!!
  • No high fives, handshakes, hugging or any other types of physical touching before, during or after training.
  • No sharing of water at all! Each player must bring their own water bottle!
  • Masks
    • Players
      • Will wear a mask to and from the soccer field but do not need to wear one while they are training.
    • Coaches
      • Will wear a mask to and from the soccer field but do not need to wear one while coaching.
      • Will maintain 6 feet distancing between players when providing instruction.
      • Will have a mask on them if needed.
  • Players should have a bottle of hand sanitizer for personal use.
  • The handling of all training items (cones, flags, goals, and etc.) will be limited to the coaching staff only!
  • Avoid assembling in small groups on or off the field! Must practice social distancing!
  • Millennium SA will assign people to be physically present to monitor fields and facilities to politely but firmly ask any groups of parents or players to disperse and maintain appropriate distancing.
    • Need 1-2 parents to volunteer per team!
    • Must wear mask!

Training Protocols

  • Each player will be assigned a 6x6 or 10x10 box that they will do all their training in.
  • Individual activities only! No competitive activities (1v1, 2v1, 2v2, possession games, or scrimmaging of any kind).
    • Players are allowed to pass the ball to another player but each player must remain in their own box.
    • At no time may a player pick up any soccer ball with their hands!
  • We will NOT be using training bibs! Players must bring their Black & White Game Jerseys along with their Sky Blue & Gray Training Jerseys to all sessions.
  • Players should use their own soccer ball! Players should sanitize their soccer ball before and after each training session.
  • All age groups will train for 45 minutes.
    • A 15-minute gap will be between each session to allow the players who just finished training to clear the field and allow the next group to enter the field.
  • All players must remain in their cars until 5 minutes prior to their training time or until everybody is off the field from the prior group.


Next Phase of Training - June 15th or June 22nd

  • Either June 15th or June 22nd depending on what the Governor of Indiana allows Lake County to proceed to the next phase of reopening Indiana.
  • During this phase, we are allowed to have a more normal training session and incorporate team play.
  • More information will be given as we get closer to the next phase.

Pre-Training Setup - Diagram

Individual Training Areas - Diagram